Fit Body Boot Camp gym owner Brian Kalakay’s ambitious goal of helping Michigan collectively lose 100,000 pounds by 2025 may seem just that to people – ambitious. However, within the last three years, he’s already helped people at his gyms lose 6,500 pounds.

His method of relating to people at any of his three Michigan locations – Lapeer, Bentonville, and Grand Blanc – is all about quick, efficient communication. His Director of Operations (who also happens to be his mother) Marsha Kalakay implemented several practices to help them grow Fit Body Boot Camp.

That being said, Brian and Marsha aren’t reinventing the wheel. They simply use the best communication tools and methods that have been proven to them to work the best with their members.

Marsha handles most of the communication among leads, members, and employees. She uses a mix of Ringless Voicemails and texts to communicate with everyone and streamline their customer retention strategy.

An ambitious goal requires the best communication tools. Here’s more about the four that she uses:

Voicemail Drops

Brian and Marsha previously had an employee who spent eight hours a week making calls to members whose attendance had dipped. Now their employees take a few minutes to send out a personal voicemail to members.

With 24 prerecorded messages for each location, employees cycle through the messages so members get a unique voicemail every time attendance falls. Marsha now saves her team tons of time without losing any of the personability of voicemails.

Internal Communication

Managing 16 employees, who are often personal trainers on the side, can be a lot. Managing the personal trainers who rent out space at any of the three locations makes it even harder.

However, Marsha manages rent collection through Skipio. With saved messages in her Message Library, Marsha sends a bill to each trainer with just a few clicks. She also organizes employees into groups to quickly send scheduled messages.

Birthday Messages

By opening a nationally recognized gym, Brian already had the brand recognition in his corner of the market. However, it’s through personalized communication that Brian and Marsha have been able to grow their client base to over 600 members.

One way they personally connect is through sending birthday messages to members and leads. When a new member is added to their Skipio contact list, employees can include personalized information with the Custom Fields function. What better way to open up casual communication than a simple birthday text?

Constant Availability

Marsha recognizes the functionality of Skipio and made it part of the morning routine at each gym. Along with the other features mentioned, Marsha runs several different campaigns at any given time – for new clients, current members, and inactive members.

She’s constantly managing messages from these various campaigns. But by keeping Skipio open at all locations, employees quickly get on and respond whenever they have a free moment. On average, people open texts within the first 90 seconds, so Marsha and her team try to be quick with responding.

These are just a few of the features Marsha uses Skipio for, relying heavily on it for these very purposes. She’s found the platform to be a time saver in the fast paced industry she’s in. But don’t take her word for it.

Try it out today and see how why so many call Skipio’s features the best communication tools.