As a chiropractor, building strong relationships with your patients is crucial for the success of your practice. Beyond providing excellent care, showing appreciation and connecting with your patients significantly improves their overall experience and satisfaction with your practice. 

The most effective and convenient way to achieve this? Text your patients.

Let’s explore seven actionable ways to use texting to show patient appreciation.

1. Send Appointment Reminders

Life is busy! It’s easy for patients to forget their upcoming chiropractic appointments. Send appointment reminder texts a day or two before their visit to help them stay on track. You keep them from wasting their time (and yours) and make it easy for them to reach you.

Encourage patients to confirm their appointment, respond if they need to reschedule, or ask questions. Include their name, appointment date and time, and any other relevant information in the message, to make it convenient for them to refer back to.

The easier you make your patients’ lives, the more likely they keep visiting your practice.

2. Follow Up After Visits

A few days after a patient’s visit, send a personalized follow-up text thanking them for visiting. Ask about their health, provide tips for post-treatment care, or ask if they have any concerns.

These simple follow-up texts show your patients that you genuinely care about their experience at your practice. Plus, you further show your investment in their health journey or recovery. As you build a stronger patient-chiropractor relationship through your follow-up texts, patients will continue scheduling and refer people they know. 

3. Share Relevant Health Tips

Share health tips with your patients via text. Send texts on maintaining good post-visit health, stretching exercises, video links to educational information or stretches, etc.

While generic periodic tips help you show patient appreciation, make them even more impactful by personalizing the content. Segment or divide your patient list based on their specific conditions, goals, or interests. Then, send health tips that address their individual needs. 

For example, for patients actively involved in sports, send them texts with tips on preventing sports-related injuries or improving athletic performance.

When you provide personalized tips and health content to show your patients you actually care about their health, you position your chiropractic practice as a trusted source of information.

4. Celebrate Milestones, Birthdays, and Holidays

Acknowledge your patients’ progress and celebrate their milestones. When a patient improves their condition or reaches a health goal, send them a congratulatory text. Maybe offer a small gift in celebration, such as a gift card or branded swag.

Doing this shows you’re actively invested in helping them and genuinely excited about their success. Texts like these also motivate patients to continue improving their health. 

Additionally, automate birthday texts to send on each patient’s birthday. This reinforces the patient’s relationship with your practice and increases the likelihood that they will come back.

Finally, take advantage of holidays and spread extra happiness. Even if you don’t plan a specific holiday marketing promotion, wishing your patients well around the winter holidays or start of summer gives you another chance to express your appreciation.

5. Gather and Share Testimonials

Give patients the opportunity to share their success stories. Ask them to write short testimonials or appear in brief videos. Frame it as a way for them to inspire others with their progress.

For anyone you ask to provide a testimonial, especially one like a video, consider offering a small incentive or gift. It can’t just be about getting what you need.

Then, highlight reviews of patients who benefit from your chiropractic care in a patient appreciation campaign. Focus on testimonials that highlight your treatment’s positive impact on patients’ lives. Include brief quotes that showcase the benefits they experienced, such as improved mobility, reduced pain, or enhanced overall well-being. 

Texts like these help inspire and motivate your patients while showing the effectiveness of your chiropractic practice. 

Before sending these messages, get consent and carefully choose the information you share to ensure you comply with HIPAA regulations. 

6. Conduct Patient Surveys

Actively seek feedback to show that you care about your practice providing exceptional service and you value your patients’ opinions.

Texting is an extra effective tool for gathering patient feedback. Send customers survey links to learn about their experience at your practice. Ask about their satisfaction with their appointment, suggestions for improvement, or any specific concerns they may have. 

Then make it a priority to put their feedback into improving your practice. Your patients will love to see that you took their specific concerns seriously.

7. Offer Exclusive Promotions

Everyone likes to receive exclusive deals and promotions. It makes them feel special. Text these offers to your patients to basically guarantee that they see them and take advantage.

Whether you offer a discount on a massage therapy session, share a sale on supplements or equipment, or give a limited-time offer to new patients, even simple promotions show your appreciation. And they encourage patients to continue choosing your practice.

Build strong relationships with your patients

Showing patient appreciation attracts new patients looking for personalized care. It also shows existing patients that you’re a chiropractor who goes the extra mile.

Incorporating texting into your patient appreciation strategy improves your patients’ overall experience with your practice and strengthens your relationships.

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