Personalize every marketing text

If you want to text your customers, you must keep it personal. What’s the point of using such a direct form of contact if you’re not going to personalize every text?

So to keep it personal you need to take note of customer information and habits. You then use this information to send personalized texts with information they actually care about. Otherwise your texts will look just like spam. And that’s why you got rid of email in the first place: You were done being ignored. 

Use these customers facts to make every automated message sound like you wrote it just for them. (Because you did.)

Preferred Name

Find out what each contact prefers to be called and you earn an instant advantage when you personalize a text.

If you’ve just met someone and want to get all their info, sending the Contact Capture Form is the perfect way to do this because people fill it out with their information. It’s much less likely that they’ll make typos or otherwise mess up their own personal details, too.

If you need to update some of your contact information, add those customers to a group and send them all a message asking if they want to be addressed by the name you currently have saved for them. It could be over whelming to do this for all your customers at once. So if you save your original message to your Message Library and create multiple groups, you can do the update in waves.

Once you have names updated in your address book, every message will be a bit more personal. Just think: If someone’s first name is James and you know they actually prefer to go by Jay, your messages won’t look like every other basic marketing email they receive.

Current Goals and Interests

If you know exactly what someone is aiming to do — and therefore why they’re coming to you — you can send them texts to help keep them accountable. Think about how valuable this is for professionals like personal trainers (whether they’re independent or work for a large gym).

When a personal trainer knows someone’s specific fitness goal, they’ll be there every step of the way to help the client achieve it. They can personalize every text (for a time) to specifically guide the client through the struggles of achieving their goal. The relationship they’ll build becomes invaluable.

So learn what someone is working to achieve and figure out what support you can offer to make it a reality. After all, if someone hires you and your business, they want your help.

Products They Buy

It’s very unlikely you aren’t already tracking what products people buy from you. But are you using that to your full advantage when it comes to marketing to them?

If someone buys a product you just released or purchased something they’ve never bought from you before, follow up with them to ask how they’re liking it. If they aren’t satisfied, suddenly you have a chance to make it right (and make an impression). This could mean replacing it with another product you think would be better suited or maybe even giving them a refund.

Or if you know someone buys the same thing from you repeatedly, look at their purchase patterns and schedule personalized texts to send when it’s time to reorder. And when those products go on sale, send them promotional texts to make sure they know.

Customer Loyalty

Knowing which products people buy, or how often they use your services, will also help you create a rewards program.

For example, after they purchase X number of items or spend X amount of money, you could send them a coupon for a certain percentage off their next order or give them a voucher for a free service.

If you have a points system to reward customer loyalty, you can text people when you know they’ve accumulated enough points to redeem a product or service at a discounted rate. If points are about to expire, alert people via text message that they need to use them soon, which is what Elase Medical Spa does for clients at each of its locations.

Customer Duration

You should already know exactly where in the customer journey each person is. When you do, you know exactly how to follow up with them. You’ll be ready for the upsell or to retain them at the current level. It’s also key for customer appreciation. You can send anniversary texts or texts about special sales for your most loyal customers.

Luckily, your CRM should help you track all this information — and a lot more. Just make sure you refer to it when writing out your texts and creating custom fields. There’s no excuse to not personalize every text, even when you start automating them.

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