Mike Pacheco is all about transformations. At Mike’s Warriors Body Transformation Gym in El Paso, Texas, Mike runs short, intense workouts daily and offers nutritional guidance. But his secret to how he helps people transform their bodies and lives? Getting people to change their mindset.

To help people shift their mindset, Mike keeps people accountable. And he does that through texting. For example, he gets leads to text him to find out more information about his gym. Though it’s not just about leads and members following up and being accountable.

Mike keeps in contact with people in a very personal way, quickly and effectively talking to his customers through his Skipio mobile app. By collecting qualified leads, keeping people accountable, and being available on the go, Mike has improved his business process and seen his business grow.

Here’s how he’s done this using this an effective and personal texting communication tool:

Finding Qualified Leads Using Keywords

Since Mike’s market in El Paso is predominantly Hispanic and Latino, he accommodates his leads’ preferred languages early on. When leads see an ad on Facebook, a person is able to text in a keyword that will put them in a campaign based on which language they prefer. He does communication on their terms.

When a lead texts Mike, he knows they’ll most likely become his customer. The action it takes for someone to text a keyword into Mike means that they’re interested in what he’s doing. And his response rate is through the roof — if he sends a text to 80 new leads, he can count on getting at least 60 responses.

Beyond that, if people come into his gym to meet with him, he knows he can sell them. Because he knows he’s getting quality leads that are already interested in his gym, Mike just has to turn on his charm to get people to sign up. And for him, that isn’t hard.

He does what he does best and lets Skipio automate the rest.

Keeping Up With Members Via Campaigns

Mike gets leads from his keyword ads. And lots of them. If he’s pushing it on social media, he averages 80 leads a day. That’s a lot of people to manage. With Skipio Campaigns, leads who text in will be in contact with him right after they send that initial text, and then they will immediately be followed up with — and it’s all automated.

Mike doesn’t have to worry about sending individual text messages to all of his leads as soon as he gets their contact info. He gathers their names and more information after the second text he sends from his campaign.

The campaigns keep people accountable. Every few days Mike sends out motivational messages to members and leads to keep them going. He also has a campaign for those in his detox program to remind them of weigh-ins and other commitments. The automation of this messaging helps him not waste time on sending individual messages to so many people. It’s all about maximizing his time.

Maximizing Your Time (Even More) With the Mobile App

Mike gets dozens of messages every single day. And it’s not just leads responding to his text messages about accountability. Members have taken to texting him about anything they’re struggling with because they know that a real person will be reading their messages. To manage responding to people, Mike uses Skipio’s mobile app daily.

Members have taken to texting him about anything they’re struggling with because they know that a real person will be reading their messages.

Mike uses the mobile app to send messages to his various groups on the fly. If an idea of an inspirational quote comes to mind, or if he snaps a picture of a healthy meal, he’s able to send it to groups of contacts with ease. He doesn’t feel tied down to his desktop computer as he grows relationships with people. He can do it anytime, anywhere.

“My gym is all about people getting results. I deliver real results and I have an automated system that helps me do that. What Skipio has done for me when it comes to accountability is incredible. I am able to stay in contact with members and potential members at all times. The convenience of Skipio – especially the mobile app – allows me to focus on growing my business and customer base. I love what Skipio has done for me when it comes to maximizing my time in the day.” — Mike Pacheco

Growing your business with Skipio

Mike’s gym grew so quickly that he recently opened a second location. With so many different things going on — he’s working on his new gym, current gym, and personal brand – it’s all about having simple automation in his communication with customers. He can send dozens of customized text messages to people in a matter of seconds, which means he’s been able to continue to grow without sacrificing his personal touch.

Communication doesn’t have to be complicated. With Skipio’s automation, Mike is able to spend his time helping people transform their lives. So now let Skipio transform yours.