We released the Success Center, now known as the Skipio Resource Center, in September 2018. Since then we’ve continued to fill the Resource Center with articles, guides, and how-tos to help businesses start more conversations, stay in touch more regularly, and grow their customer base.

Here are 4 specific resources we provide that enable and empower our clients to make the most of every connection.

1) Prewritten Message Templates

We’ve worked with businesses in industries such as fitness, real estate, insurance, solar, medical spas, clothing retail, auto service… The list goes on. Serving those clients has helped us create messaging templates that maximize outreach and connections for all businesses.

We understand it’s hard knowing what to say and when to say it. But you don’t have to worry quite as much because we provide tried-and-tested templates for you to customize. Plus, we give you tips for when it’s best to use each one.

Every Skipio user on every plan enjoys access to these templates. Users on our Free plan even get campaigns preloaded in the account.

2) Tutorials and Guides for All of Skipio’s Features

Skipio is a platform built for conversations and relationships. When you learn the features and their uses, you’re prepared to reach out and follow up with everyone. We create step-by-step written tutorials and walkthrough videos.

So we show you exactly how to set up Ringless Voicemail, for instance. Further, we give you insight on when to use it and how to make each one as effective as possible.

And speaking of tutorials and tips, we also do weekly live trainings in our Facebook groups. Each one is based off questions from our users, so if there’s something you want to learn more about, join our community and let us know! Though the webinars aren’t hosted in the Resource Center, we link these videos within relevant Resource Center articles.

3) Business Texting Best Practices and Tips

We want our users prepared for all sorts of situations. The Resource Center includes a large library of articles focused on best practices for customer engagement, lead nurturing, and texting in general.

We give you real-life examples of how to:

  • Organize and plan your texting strategies
  • Use texting for marketing purposes
  • Reach out to customers for the first time
  • Keep conversations going
  • Pitch your products/services without coming on too strong
  • Contact past customers and revive seemingly “dead” relationships

We also give you guidance on writing messages that:

  • Encourage responses
  • Make you more approachable
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Encourage accountability
  • Build stronger relationships

You may notice some blog posts from the Skipio blog in the Resource Center, but we also publish completely unique content not available anywhere else.

4) App Updates

We love the feedback we get from our users. It’s what drives the vast majority of our app updates and decisions to integrate with other platforms. Big updates and integration releases are all announced in the Resource Center. If app functionality changes as a result, we update all the relevant tutorials at the same time. And we create articles for setting up new integrations.

We want to take a moment to highlight the importance of integrations. By integrating Skipio with your CRM or other systems, you trigger messages to send automatically based off information within those systems.

Let’s say someone’s subscription is about to expire. If you integrate your CRM with Skipio, Skipio will automatically send them a message reminding them that they need to renew! You set the timing of this message — maybe you want it to go out a month before the subscription ends — and write exactly what you want it to say.

Every single person with an upcoming expiration is going to be personally contacted by you at the exact right time! It’s a great conversation starter and just one more opportunity to interact with them while ensuring their service doesn’t lapse.

Explore the Resource Center

We try to give every user the tools and information they need to succeed. Everything we create is for their benefit, and we publish new content multiple times a month. This includes special content to help businesses adapt to social distancing and remote work.

Haven’t spent much time in the Resource Center? Log in and spend some time there today! It’s the very first thing you see when you get into Skipio.