gym members running on treadmill - Maximize Your Gym's New Year Promotions with Text Messaging

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to attract new members to your gym and retain existing ones through your New Year promotions. 

And texting is the best tool to help you do that. 

In this blog post, we’ll review a few specific ways your gym can use text messaging to get the most out of your New Year campaign promotions to keep people engaged and showing up. 

Personalize Your Promotions

A huge advantage of text messages is their ability to be highly personalized. Use the insights and data you have for your members to tailor messages that resonate with their preferences and fitness goals. 

Address recipients by name and highlight specific promotions or classes that align with their interests. This helps customers connect better with your gym and shows that you actually value each member.

Example: Hey [First Name], ready to start your 2024 fitness journey? Renew your membership by January 5th and receive 1 month of our HIIT class for free. Let’s achieve your [specific fitness goal] together! 

Highlight Limited-Time Offers With Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a common but effective marketing technique. When used in your text message campaigns, it drives immediate action. Emphasize the exclusivity and time-sensitivity of your New Year promotions to encourage potential members to take advantage of the offer before it expires. A well-written message with a clear call to action (CTA) is key to converting interest into action.

Example: The clock is ticking on our New Year Sale! Secure your spot by January 5th to get an exclusive 20% off your first three months. Don’t delay your journey to a healthier, fitter you. [link]

Integrate with Loyalty Programs

If you have an established loyalty program, tie those special perks and rewards into your New Year promotion and communicate it over text. Inform members about bonus points, exclusive access, or discounts available through active participation in promotional activities. Doing this boosts engagement and increases member loyalty.

Example: Double the joy with our New Year promotions! Earn double loyalty points for each friend you refer between now and January 6th! Learn more about our referral program: [link]

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Event Reminders and Updates

Use texts to send reminders and updates for any New Year events, classes, or workshops you host. This keeps your members informed and engaged, increasing the likelihood of participation. 

Additionally, consider offering exclusive discounts or perks to those who attend specific events, creating an added incentive for participation.

Example: Reminder: Join us on January 1st for a special 2024 fitness class led by our expert trainers. Secure your spot now and get an extra 15% off your next class! [link]

Promote with Local Businesses Partners

Explore cross-promotion opportunities with local businesses to add value to your New Year promotions. Partnering with health food stores, wellness spas, or even clothing retailers provides additional perks for your members. 

Send text messages that highlight these collaborations and exclusive discounts available through joint promotions.

Example: Exciting news, [First Name]! We’ve teamed up with [Business Name] to help you with your fitness journey! Show your [Gym Name] membership at their store and enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on all wellness products.

Share Member Spotlights and Success Stories

Highlight the success stories of your members to inspire others and showcase the results of your gym’s programs. Share these stories through text messages, along with before-and-after photos or testimonials. This helps you build a stronger and more accountable gym community while also showing the tangible results achievable through your gym.

Remember to always get permission before sharing any member info in your marketing campaigns. 

Example: Meet [Member Name], our January success story! They transformed their fitness journey with dedication and hard work. Read their story on our website and get motivated for your own transformation! [link]

Give Exclusive Early Access to Loyalty Members

Reward your loyal members with exclusive early access to your New Year promotions. Send text messages to your loyalty program participants, giving them a sneak peek or an advanced opportunity to sign up for special classes or memberships before the promotions are available to everyone else. This creates a feeling of exclusivity and reinforces the value of their loyalty.

Example: Hey [First Name], Thank you for being a loyal member of [Gym Name]. You’re one of the first to access our 2024 deals. Visit this link to get exclusive deals on our most popular classes. [link] Have questions? Text us!

Start Virtual Fitness Challenges

Incorporate a virtual fitness challenge that compliments in-person workouts and use text messaging to keep participants engaged and motivated. Send regular updates, tips, and encouragement to those participating in the challenges. 

Consider offering special rewards or discounts to participants who complete the challenges to encourage participation and increase accountability. 

Example: Ready for a challenge, [First Name]? Join our new 30-day fitness challenge to start the year off right. Receive daily tips and motivation via text, and conquer each milestone! Complete the challenge and receive a punch card for our climbing wall! The challenge starts at the beginning of the new year. Sign up now: [link] 

Send Drip Campaigns for More Engagement

Implement a drip campaign to avoid bombarding your members with all your New Year promotions at once. Send a series of carefully timed messages gradually to reveal different aspects of your promotions. This keeps people interested and engaged over an extended period of time and allows you to focus on highlighting specific offerings.


Message 1: New Year, New You! [Gym Name] is here to help you stay motivated this year. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, stay tuned for our new year deals! If you have, we’ve got a sweet referral discount as well. 

Message 2 (a few days later): The wait is over! Enjoy 20% off your first three months when you sign up today. Already a member? Get 25% off your next month when you refer a new member. 

Message 3 (the day the sale starts): [First Name], being a member of [Gym Name] has its perks. We’ve teamed up with [Business Name] to get you some amazing deals! Show your [Gym Name] membership at their store and enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on all wellness products.

Share Educational Content

Beyond promotional messages, use text messaging to share educational content with your audience to keep them engaged all year long. Send tips on nutrition, workout routines, or inspirational success stories.

We’ve seen our customers send these types of text messages to connect with their members:

  • stretch or exercise of the day
  • motivational quotes and images
  • favorite recipes and meal ideas
  • inspirational stories and facts

Each one of these could be its own series of scheduled messages or one very big campaign that switches between message types. That way, members receive something different every day.

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