We talk a lot about how to optimize your lead nurturing and engage in actual conversations with prospects. We also previously examined other lead nurturing stats to help businesses understand why nurturing is so important. But we’re back with more lead nurturing statistics because this is an area that every business always needs to consider and improve.

We’ve got 3 stats — and accompanying benefits — for you to consider as you build and fix your lead nurturing strategy.

Increased Revenue

Yes, it takes time and resources to nurture leads. That’s true no matter what. But proper lead nurturing yields results that will always be worth it. Let’s look at a couple reasons why nurtured leads would make almost 50 percent larger purchases.

First, the more time you spend engaging with leads, the better you understand their needs and the better they understand how your business will help them. That could lead to valuable opportunities for upselling.

Even if you aren’t specifically trying to upsell someone and simply want to meet with them, they may realize on their own that one of your more expensive options actually suits them.

Second, this engagement also helps get leads invested in your business. They feel like they’re part of something and are therefore willing to pay for that to be the reality.

Nurtured leads also bring in more money over time because they’re more likely to stay customers longer. Increasing customer lifetime value across the board drives significant revenue growth.

Better Leads

The best marketing automation helps businesses build real relationships with prospects. You enjoy repeated touchpoints with people and start showing them your dedication to helping solve their problems.

Using marketing automation as part of the lead outreach strategy helps businesses get leads ready to actually make a purchasing decision. And more qualified leads are more likely to convert and then stay loyal.

The Skipio platform is built for this type of outreach exactly. Why wouldn’t you want to immediately reach out to every lead and start a conversation with them? That’s what our automations and integrations allow you to do.

You keep talking with leads until they set an appointment to meet with your business. Plus, you send them reminder messages to ensure sure they show up and you follow up afterward to see how things went.

Skipio helps you create the perfect combination of automation and personalization. That means no lead is left on read. And by the time they actually meet with you, they’re better qualified and already feel like they have a personal relationship with the business.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Don’t get fooled by the idea that nurturing will slow down the selling process. You just have to start it right.

Instant and continued follow-up with a lead means they’re going to sit down with you sooner and then make a purchasing decision sooner. Jumping straight into a pitch with no nurturing or expecting people to just buy without talking to you won’t work, especially for larger ticket products or services.

Clearly it’s well worth the time to nurture leads if you can shorten the sales cycle by almost 25 percent. You’ll be able to reach even more people and you won’t be chasing the same leads, wasting time.

The best and fastest nurturing requires that you determine the right cadence and content for each message. Depending on your specifics offerings, industry, and ideal prospect, this of course differs. It also takes trial and error, especially if you haven’t previously given it the attention it deserves. Lead nurturing that works takes effort, but it’s always worth it.

So have these lead nurturing statistics got you convinced that it’s maybe time to revisit how you’re doing things?

As you continually work on your lead nurturing strategy and interact with more prospects, you’ll discover even more ways to convert more prospects. You’ll better understand the main problems and pains of the people your company is trying to serve and you can share that information with every other team to help them fine tune your products and/or services and marketing efforts.