Marketing Texts VS. Marketing Emails

Are marketing texts better than marketing emails?

You might be skeptical, thinking a texting company would naturally say that texts are more effective. But the numbers don’t lie – texts actually are more effective. 

Open Rates

The first point of contact with your audience is crucial, and it’s where marketing texts really stand out. With an impressive open rate of 98%, texts significantly outperform email’s low open rate of 20%

Average Click Through Rate (CTR)

Once your audience engages with your message, the click-through rate is the next metric to consider. Texts have an average CTR of 36%, while emails have a low average of  7%

Average Response Rate and Time

The responsiveness of your audience helps you gauge the success of your marketing efforts. Texts have a 45% response rate, whereas emails have a mere 6% open rate. Not only that, but the average response time for texts is a remarkable 90 seconds. Emails lag behind at 90 minutes

Customer Preferences

Understanding how customers prefer to receive updates is important in creating a successful marketing strategy. According to research,  48% of customers prefer receiving brand updates via texts, while only 22% prefer emails.

Texting Isn’t Email – It’s Better

The statistics speak for themselves, but it’s important to understand that texting isn’t simply a condensed version of email; it’s a significantly more effective communication channel. 

To use marketing texts effectively, you need to treat them differently:

  • Write short, concise messages (less than 320 characters)
  • Use casual language
  • Focus on one offer or call-to-action
  • Don’t include a signature

How to Make Text Marketing Even More Effective

Even though texts perform better than emails, don’t give up on emails completely! Instead, consider implementing a dual-channel approach to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. This means combining text messaging and email outreach. 

Strategically time your texts and emails to complement each other and make sure your messaging is consistent across both channels. This helps create seamless and well-coordinated communication.

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Marketing Texts VS. Marketing Emails