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What You Need to Know About 10DLC and the New Business Text Messaging Standards

To protect and provide businesses with a faster, more reliable way of sending text messages [...]

Personalization and Automation: How the Two Coexist Within Business Texting

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When Is the Best Time to Send a Marketing Text Message to Make Sure It Gets Seen?

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Introducing Skipio Contact Notes

Personalized text messages get notably higher engagement and read rates than any other text. In [...]

6 Ways to Improve Your Sales Process to Increase Conversion and Retention

Stay in touch and engage personally (with current and potential customers). Keep customers around (and [...]

How to Build Effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns for Your Gym

An effective lead nurturing strategy can make a world of difference. Studies show that 50% [...]

How to Write Black Friday Text Messages Prospects and Customers Will Actually Engage With

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Use These Business Text Messaging Tips to Engage More Customers During the Holidays

Halloween isn’t over yet, but that still means you need to put the final touches [...]

Help Your Team Write Sales and Marketing Text Messages That Stay on Brand

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Why You Need to Care About Branding Your Business Texting

If your company has never used business texting as part of marketing, sales, or customer [...]

Reduce Friction on Your Website, Make It Easier for People to Buy

Unnecessary jargon. Confusing navigation. Irrelevant images. Hidden pricing. Long forms. Fluffy wording. Gated articles. Poor [...]

4 Things That Playing Dungeons & Dragons Reinforces About Productive Collaboration

“How do you know the Dungeon Master isn’t lying to you?” I’m practically horizontal on [...]

Communication Guidelines to Consider Before You Start Sending Text Messages to Prospects and Customers

The point of style and brand communication guidelines isn’t to make everyone at your company [...]

How to Design Flyers for Texting

When you’re planning an event or promotion, how do you let people know? A single text [...]

19 Everyday Business Processes and Tasks You Can Automate With Skipio

Relying on pure effort and willpower to start conversations with prospects and customers will get [...]