If your company has never used business texting as part of marketing, sales, or customer service, you may not have thought about branding your business texting. Or even if your company already started implementing a texting strategy, you may not have realized the importance of staying “on brand” in text.

It’s just texting, right?

Maintaining a brand and voice within texts doesn’t mean every message sounds the same. You aren’t robots! But it does mean using certain language, a particular tone, specific timing, etc.

So if you haven’t yet worked with teams to help them understand how to communicate through texting, here’s why you should.

Someone’s First Interaction with Your Business Might Be Through Text Messages

It’s very possible a buyer’s first real interaction with your company will be through texting. For example, if sales reps will immediately be texting new leads, you need to help them do everything they can to make the best impression.

That first interaction needs to set the foundation for a great customer experience. So just like you train teams to handle initial phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings, you should train them on business texting.

Yes, everyone on your team is probably very experienced with texting in general. But that doesn’t mean they know how to text with customers, especially in a way that’s consistent with the brand the company has already created and hopes to maintain.

Texting Further Solidifies Your Reputation

Every time someone interacts with your business is an opportunity for you to show them what you’re all about. Texting is simply another way to show leads and customers what your company represents.

Marketing, lead nurturing, and customer service messages all influence how people see your business, whether or not they’ll keep doing business with you, and if they’ll think to recommend the business to other people.

If you introduce texting for your business and help teams stay on brand when communicating, your reputation will only improve. A big part of this is because so many buyers now prefer texting as the way to communicate and do business.

Texting Also Creates a Familiar Experience

You want everything the business puts out to feel united. From your social media to your website to messages your sales reps, marketers, and customer service agents send.

So if you’ve already created a reputation of prompt customer service, texting should help you deliver an even better experience. Or if you always personalize marketing offers with a joke, you should deliver offers through text in the same way.

When you focus on brand unification, people always know what to expect and they view the business more positively.

Text Messaging Makes Individuals and Teams Look Better

You want your teams to look like experts because they are experts. So give them all the training they need to stay on brand.

It shouldn’t matter who a lead or customer is talking to. They should get the impression that everyone at the business works toward the same goal. And that they have customers’ best interests in mind.

For example, make sure everyone is using the same terminology to describe products or services. This helps prevent confusion and leads to educated customers who know your brand and business.

Or if employees send an intro selfie before a first meeting or call, each photo needs to stay on brand. If your brand is definitively playful and casual, each rep’s photo should reflect that. Professionally staged headshots won’t fit in with the brand you’ve otherwise curated. And inconsistent photo branding makes this initiative look haphazard.

Brand Your texting to Fit Your Team

Properly branding your business texting will look slightly different for every team. Everyone simply needs to be aware of how to best represent the company. And as you prioritize this brand unification, customers are more likely to become advocates for the business.

Skipio for teams makes it even easier to unify your team. Every user gets a unique 10-digit number, but you write and share the best messages directly to their accounts. With this template, they add their own personality while still maintaining the brand voice. Thanks to the team dashboard, you oversee all conversations and messaging to ensure team members do their best work.