8 Ways to Build Customer Relationships with Personalized Business Text Messaging

The key to building and maintaining strong customer relationships? Text your customers. But don’t just send generic texts. Personalize your business texts to engage your customers directly and immediately. 

This blog post explores how to strengthen customer relationships using personalized business text messaging.

But before explaining specific ways to build customer relationships, let’s go over a few tips about personalizing business texts.  

Simple Tips to Personalize Text Messages

  • Segment or group your audience
  • Use the recipient’s name
  • Reference past interactions
  • Reference customer insights (demographics, last purchase, etc.)
  • Tailor the message to their interests 

Personalize business text messages in ways like this to help your messages stand out from other generic business communications. This results in more responses, improved customer satisfaction, and increased conversions.

Ways to Build Customer Relationships with Texts

1. Send Welcome Messages

Take advantage of the opportunity to send customers a personalized welcome message when they opt-in to receive texts. Include their name and a brief introductory or thank you message to make it more personal. 

Encourage customers to reply by asking a relevant question that helps you get to know them better. When someone replies, respond quickly. Show them there’s a real person on your end.

Sending welcome messages creates a positive impression, sets the tone for a good relationship, and increases the chances of receiving future replies.

2. Provide Order and Service Updates

Customers love to stay informed about their orders. Send texts for status updates, shipping details, and estimated delivery times. 

This also applies to businesses that don’t ship physical products or engage in direct sales. For example, as a photographer, send updates on the editing process. Or as a real estate agent, send updates on approval processes or contracts. It doesn’t matter the industry, just keep your customers informed and updated.  

This proactive communication shows you value your customers’ satisfaction and helps build long-term trust. 

3. Offer Exclusive Promotions

Use text messaging to share exclusive discounts, promotional offers, and limited-time deals with your customers. Sending promotional texts creates value for your customers.

To get the most out of these promotional texts, segment your audience. Segmenting your audience means dividing them into different groups based on specific characteristics or behaviors. It helps you target your messages more effectively and deliver relevant content to each group.

Segment and personalize the promotions based on customers’ demographics, preferences, interests, past purchases, etc.  

This personalized approach increases conversions and boosts customer loyalty.

4. Ask For Feedback

Your customers’ opinions matter. Text messages are an effective way to collect their opinions and feedback. Send surveys or ask for reviews after a purchase, service, or customer service interaction. Actively seek input to show your customers that their satisfaction is your priority and you value their feedback.   

5. Personalize Special Occasion Messages

Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or customer journey milestones with personalized messages. Remember these important dates and acknowledge them through a text. This shows your customers that you actually care about them.

You deepen customers’ emotional connection with your brand by recognizing and celebrating important moments in their lives or in their customer journey. Doing this builds lasting relationships that lead to conversions or upsells down the road.

6. Provide Customer Support

Text messaging is an ideal channel for quick and direct customer support communication. People often choose the business that helps them quickest (even if another business might be closer or cheaper). Offer a dedicated text number where customers ask questions, report issues, or get assistance. Respond quickly and answer their questions. 

Be ready and available (or create automated messages) to address customers’ concerns to show that you’re committed to their success. This immediate and personalized support makes customers happier and more loyal to your business.

7. Share Relevant Resources

Share relevant content with your customers via text messages to position yourself and your business as experts. This includes sending tips, guides, industry insights, or exclusive content related to their interests and past purchases. 

Consistently deliver valuable resources to establish your expertise and strengthen customers’ trust in your brand. Sharing relevant content helps your business stay top-of-mind and makes your customers more likely to refer you to people they know.

8. Follow Up and Check In

Follow up after a conversation, purchase, or customer service interaction to show your customers that you genuinely care about their experience. A simple text message asking about their satisfaction and if they need any further help leaves a lasting impression. 

Checking in with customers creates opportunities for ongoing engagement and builds long-term relationships, which increases the chance of repeat business.

Build Long-Term Relationships 

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