2019 is here and you’ve committed to improving your business process by doing a better job of staying in touch. Great! Now is the time to follow up with intention.

So here are 13 situations in which a quick follow-up makes a big difference.

Someone just texted you

Seems simple, right? Maybe even a bit too obvious? Well, if you aren’t going to reply to people who text you, there isn’t much point to sending messages yourself. Those messages will be ignored and you will lose out on business or damage relationships.

You told someone you would text them

Again, seems pretty obvious. But think about how many people say they’ll do something and simply never do it. You don’t want to be that person. So follow up when you say you will!

You just changed something

What’s changed? Anything. Your hours, services, products, location, etc. Make sure the right people know by sending them a message with all the relevant information. Don’t assume people will find out on their own – ensure they do by sending a text.

Someone just used your services or purchased a product

It doesn’t take long to send a text asking a customer about their experience and to leave an honest review. Use it as an opportunity to improve what you already offer.

Someone just gave you a referral

If someone else took the time to help grow your business, you can take the time to compose a thank you. If you have a loyalty program or offer referral rewards, include that information in the text as well. At the very least send a thoughtful appreciation message.

Someone visited after not being around recently

Businesses succeed because of repeat business, so if a customer hasn’t been around recently but comes in again, a follow-up text telling them you appreciate their patronage helps demonstrate your gratitude. Ask how their visit was and get them up to speed on new offerings they may like.

Someone became a first-time buyer, member, etc.

When someone buys something for the first time or signs up for a service, you need to nurture that relationship. Send a thank you text and offer some sort of incentive to nudge them to become a repeat customer.

Someone just left a review online

Whether good or bad, you should be responding to reviews. Though you’ll be following up with the reviewer online and not via text, respond to the review as soon as you can. That shows the reviewer and anyone else watching that you really do care.

You should have heard back from someone already

It generally won’t hurt to check in and get a status update. Now, this should be a gentle reminder sent a reasonable amount of time after you should have heard back, not a scathing rebuke sent when someone is a minute late contacting you.

You just had an appointment or meeting

What better way to follow up after a meeting or appointment than a text? If needed, review what happened and confirm when you’ll see each other next. But always thank them for their time. Some meetings may require an additional follow-up message like an email, but a quick text helps you stay engaged.

Someone just missed an appointment or meeting

Things happen. Whether someone forgot or had to cancel, you’ll win over the most people by showing flexibility when rescheduling. And if you’re the one who missed an appointment or meeting, obviously you need to apologize.

You just solved a problem for someone

If someone texted you to ask a question or troubleshoot a problem, don’t let the resolution of the issue be the end of the conversation. Ask for feedback on the situation and if you can help in any other way.

Someone expressed interest in a product or service

Properly educated leads turn into customers. Texting is a great way to quickly share information and answer questions. Make sure you give interested people detailed information relevant to their needs to nurture the relationship.

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