JobNimbus account executive Jared Keo kept doing more demos than any of his teammates. So many more, in fact, that he caught the attention of not just his team and manager but also his CEO, Ben Hodson.

They all had one question: How was he outperforming everyone else, not just setting more appointments but getting people to show up too?

Jared’s not-so-secret secret was Skipio, our automated business text messaging platform built for sales outreach and follow-up.

Fast forward a few months. The entire JobNimbus sales team, plus other departments at the growing company, all adopted conversational texting. The good just kept on coming, with show rates for the whole team going higher and higher.

Here’s how this Utah-based SaaS business got their demo show rates to hit 90 percent using Skipio.

Generating Immediate Responses

You’ve probably seen the stat before, the one from Harvard Business Review about reaching out to leads fast. If you’re not contacting them within five minutes, you risk losing them completely.

JobNimbus doesn’t take those chances. They integrate their existing sales systems with Skipio, so the CRM triggers Skipio to send a personalized text message from the assigned SDR. This keeps those hot prospect hot and practically guarantees responses.

“We’ve been able to leverage Skipio’s automations to contact [people] within minutes of them expressing interest about our software,” says Director of Sales Matt Baumgartner. “To let them know we’re real people, that we care about their business.”

Right away they saw the value of automating outreach to prospects. But it’s not valuable to JobNimbus just because it’s happening automatically. It’s valuable because it’s happening personally.

The SDRs use prewritten messages templates, tested and tweaked to maximize responses, that they then personalize with their own voice and style. They get responses to their texts because it’s one person reaching out to another person.

Continuing Conversations

So the SDRs make contact right away and they get responses because of it. Then what? They have a conversation and help prospects book a demo. It’s easy to keep conversations going because of Skipio’s mobile companion app. The SDRs don’t need to be in the office or even at a computer. They’re always ready to talk.

Reaching out fast and staying responsive means they easily schedule more demos.

Once the SDR gets a demo scheduled, the conversations continue, but now with an account executive. Those prospects are automatically reassigned in Skipio (another bonus to CRM integration) and they begin receiving personalized messages from their AE.

AEs love using drip campaigns, automating the majority of their follow-up. Just like the SDRs, the JobNimbus account executives rely on the mobile companion app to naturally talk and interact. Overall, the sales team does about 80 percent of their work on mobile!

The automated personalized messages plus the ability to reply anytime, anywhere all contributes to the impressive demo numbers at JobNimbus. It really goes to show how important those instant connections are to busy prospects!

Prioritizing Accountability

As AEs continue the text conversations started by the SDRs, a big part of the follow-up process is sending demo reminders. Again, thanks to Skipio this is all automated and personable.

JobNimbus prospects don’t keep their email open all day — they’re working deskless, out on job sites. Simple text message reminders make the demo all the more accessible, especially because the messages include a direct link to the Zoom call. That accessibility means people show up more often.

Because of all this follow-up, the whole rescheduling process changed too. Instead of just no-showing, people who can’t make their original time reach out to reschedule. They already have an active text conversation going with an AE, so it’s not hard or time-consuming to shoot off a text.

Account executives aren’t waiting around for 10 or 15 minutes for people who just aren’t going to show. They already heard from the lead, and often the demo has already rescheduled. So now they’re slotting in other demos or spending time on other tasks that actually bring in money.

JobNimbus succeeds with Skipio

Texting with Skipio is just one part of the three-pronged approach the JobNimbus sales team takes. But because they send the right messages at the right times, they build relationships worth maintaining. That’s why prospects respond, keep appointments, and ultimately buy the JobNimbus software.

Director of sales Matt Baumgartner says outright that texting with Skipio makes all of their other outreach and follow-up more effective. People are more likely to reply, pick up the phone, show up, or even reschedule. All because of the personalized outreach his team is doing.

Follow the lead of JobNimbus and use Skipio to start creating a better sales and nurturing strategy for your team. On our platform you quickly learn what content and cadence gets responses, appointments, and sales — all unified in one place.