The 5- and 6-digit short code numbers and 10-digit long code numbers provide businesses with instant, easy ways to get in touch. But unless your company only aims to push out information as “The Business,” any individuals who interact with customers regularly each need their own 10-digit phone number.

That means assigning unique numbers within a dedicated business texting platform, numbers that will always stay with the business. People should never be using their personal numbers on their own device. Not only does that ensure contacts and conversations are always saved, it transforms the whole communication process.

So here are four other reasons why sales, marketing, and customer success teams all eagerly embrace 10-digit numbers and conversational texting.

Responses, Responses, Responses

When sending out messages from a short code number, responses aren’t a priority. They aren’t really even an option. And that can be fine if sharing info is all you need!

But if you care at all about developing connections and building trust, those communicating with customers need to use 10-digit numbers. And in the best case scenario, each team member uses their own designated number to make those conversations as individualized as possible.

Local, Unique Phone Numbers

When every team member has their own number for contacting customers, that means it’s not just “The Business” reaching out; it’s Amy from “The Business.” In other words, a real person reaches out to another real person.

When people see a message from a local number and it reads like a normal message and it says it’s from an actual person, all of that reassures them that they can write and send a reply. Those replies turn into conversations which turn into trust which turn into better customer relationships.

Personable Communication

Short code gives you hardly any personalization options. Ideally you segment contacts and send them personalized promotions or reminders, but that’s about all you get.

Long code numbers, especially when part of a human-focused business texting platform, make it easy to personalize every single message to every single person. It’s not just [First Name] either.

With a platform like Skipio, you sync your company’s CRM or calendar to pull in details about previous orders and future meetings. You drip out messages on a set schedule and always follow up on time. Plus, you track response rates and sentiment, ensuring you always know how to improve customer experiences.

Calling When Needed

Having the ability to make a quick phone call or pick up when a customer needs some extra help is huge. Because as great as texting is for customer interactions, calling still has value.

When each team member has a 10-digit number to text people, they should be able to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls with that number. With Skipio, for instance, anyone with a Skipio number simply downloads the mobile companion app and they’re ready to make or receive phone calls!

Realizing the power of 10-digit numbers

When you decide you want your team to all use 10-digit numbers with local area codes, obviously you’re not going to give every single one of them a cell phone just for business purposes. As we mentioned throughout this article, committing to conversational messaging requires committing to a team-focused and human-focused messaging platform.

That’s Skipio.

When you choose Skipio, you get unique numbers for every member of your team. They access the app on a computer or their own mobile device, making it so easy to stay connected with customers. And your company retains the numbers, contacts, and conversations that happen within the platform.

Learn more about Skipio for teams and start planning your company’s transition to more personal and engaging customer interactions.