Relying on pure effort and willpower to start conversations with prospects and customers will get beat by automation 100% of the time. No one has the time, mental energy, or resources to communicate with prospects all on their own.

It’s why teams love marketing automation, sales sequencing tools, autodialers, and the like. You need to automate everyday business processes to maximize your time and resources.

When used to nurture relationships, Skipio’s automations help you convert more people and keep those customers longer. With the right strategy and messaging, you absolutely sell faster and in the most personable way.

Which of these 19 processes or tasks do you think Skipio could help you with?

1. Contact New Inbound Leads

Whenever anyone is volunteering their information on your site, landing page, ad, whatever, they shouldn’t have to wait and wait and wait. Reach out immediately with a personalized text message to make first contact (beating out your competition) and get a conversation flowing.

2. Follow Up With Leads and Prospects, Especially When They’re Not Responding

When someone has already stopped responding or you’re worried they’re about to, do your follow-up in a way that maximizes the chance that they’ll stay engaged. That’s through text messaging. Text messaging drips and Ringless Voicemail drops sent through Skipio keep you top of mind.

3. Send Invitations to Set Meetings or Consultations

The process of scheduling a meeting isn’t that different from making dinner plans with friends. That’s something you do all the time over texting. Skipio makes it super easy to automate scheduling as part of your existing follow-up.

4. Send Appointment Reminders

To eliminate no-shows and cancellations, you need to send reminders. Nothing’s more convenient than a text message reminder and Skipio can integrate with basically any calendar software you use (thanks Zapier!).

5. Send Post-appointment Follow-Up

Keep people engaged after meetings end by keeping the conversations going. Always follow up after a meeting and send messages that relate to your discussion. It takes almost no effort to add multiple post-meeting messages directly within your reminder messaging campaigns.

6. Reschedule Appointments and Meetings

Don’t get stuck with a huge database of cancellations and no-shows. When someone doesn’t show or cancels, trigger messages to send in Skipio that invite them to reschedule. No need for you to track them down and do manual follow-up.

7. Make Sure Quotes, Documents, etc. Have Been Received

Email works great for certain things, like sending documents and files. But people don’t want to spend time babysitting their inbox. Use Skipio to automatically send a heads up message pointing people to their email.

8. Request Referrals

Increase your customer base and show customers you trust them by creating a referral program. Set up Skipio messaging campaigns that automatically reach out at the milestone times you choose.

9. Request Reviews

Improve your reputation and increase your reach. Automate review requests at key points, such as after you complete a service, someone makes a purchase, or someone hits a milestone as a customer.

10. Share Valuable Pieces of Content

Build a relationship with prospects and customers by consistently sharing information that’s going to help them. Treat it almost like a newsletter but for texting. Use Skipio groups to organize contacts and send each group targeted content, whether that’s videos, articles, or images.

11. Onboard New Customers

Get people adopting faster and staying longer by creating an onboarding program with drip messaging campaigns. Follow up for weeks or even months to make sure customers/users know that you still have their back.

12. Get Customers to Follow You on Other Platforms

Build your audience, helping you improve your reach and reputation by offering incentives for following you on social media. Prove the value people get by connecting as a community on whatever platforms best suit your customers.

13. Upsell and Cross-Sell When the Time Is Right

Especially when customers hit certain milestones, you don’t want to miss out on opportunities. When customers have spent a certain amount of money, buy specific products/services, or show interest in growth, trigger messaging in Skipio to start that conversation for you. Worried this will seem out of the blue or like a money grab? You don’t have to if you’ve been keeping up with your relationships and checking in throughout their time as a customer.

14. Run Retention Campaigns

Do regular check-ins based on purchases, actions, etc. Combine this follow-up with email and calls as appropriate. These check-ins go hand-in-hand with the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell. Just make sure your retention efforts focus on the needs of the customer — not just your need to minimize churn.

15. Introduce and Announce New Products and Services

Bulk up your existing strategies and plans for marketing campaigns by including text message marketing. This isn’t about blasting your entire customer base or even large portions of it. By organizing contacts into the proper groups in Skipio, you can quickly send targeted messages to potential and current customers for more successful launches.

16. Offer Coupons and Sales

Your CRM holds so much valuable information related to customer stick rates. Show some customer appreciation and reward loyal customers in particular by sending coupons and special deals on a consistent basis. Or run offers around the times that people churn and cancel subscriptions.

17. Communicate Info About Hours and Availability

Whether you’ve got to change your business hours on short notice or want to give customers a heads up about your personal availability, quickly schedule one-off messages with Skipio’s Message Composer. It works like BCC but for texting.

18. Move and Assign Contacts to Different People Based on Contact Actions

Reassigning contacts and moving them between groups or messaging campaigns will sometimes require manual work. But don’t do it manually when you don’t have to. The right triggers keep contacts from getting neglected or lost.

19. Run Reactivation Campaigns for Old Leads and Customers

After a set amount of time passes or customers give certain reasons for leaving, reach out with a short text message. Ask a basic question or give a simple offer. Don’t let your cold leads and customers sit and sit and sit. You’re missing opportunities that can easily be handled with an automation without you having to spend a lot of time in your day.

Integrate and Automate to Make Your Life Easier

Most, if not all, of these 19 processes/tasks can be done with automations in Skipio directly — no other software needed. It will, however, require a decent amount of manual work. Instead, integrate Skipio with the apps you already use. Sync Skipio with Zapier to take full advantage of time-saving automations.