Do you feel that? It’s the unrequited love of prospects that you never converted. Regardless of the reason — ghosting on either side, no-showing to appointments, never responding to emails and calls — it’s never too late to make things right.

When you optimize your lead nurturing to include regular cold lead outreach, new relationships even blossom right before your eyes.

Here are a few lessons of love and cold lead outreach that can help you and your prospects go the distance.

People Easily See Through Cheap Gifts and Empty Words

Nobody dreams of receiving half-price waxy chocolates from the drugstore or reading love letters filled with cliche platitudes. Those things don’t help a relationship grow and the recipients quickly know that the giver isn’t serious.

The equivalent to cheap gifts and empty words for businesses? Lazy promotions, clickbait ads, and emails filled with buzzwords. None of that helps relationships between a business and potential customers.

Especially when reaching out to cold leads, meaning people you lost touch with, you must show them that you care. Share genuinely good offers and keep things personal to them and their needs.

You Can’t Expect an Immediate Yes From Someone When You Haven’t Talked in a Long Time

If you went on a couple dates with someone months ago and then never spoke again, do you think they’ll instantly agree when you ask them out for Valentine’s Day? That’s a hard no.

In the same vein, cold leads won’t be jumping to buy from you the moment you follow up weeks or months later. They might have to get to know you again — or get to know you in the first place. Real relationships take time and effort in love and business.

Last-Minute Reservations Are Hard to Come By

Just like restaurants get booked up weeks and even months in advance, the same is true for people’s budgets and schedules. You can’t expect to contact all your cold leads on the last day or even the last week of the month and expect them to book a call or even agree to sign a contract. That work needs to be done well in advance.

So do your research on cold leads. Look at conversation histories, past purchases, and the current pain points they may still experience. Then go after them for that signature.

It’s a Great Excuse to Reconnect — When You Have a Plan

For some people, the approach of Valentine’s Day motivates them to make a move and profess their love. But it quickly becomes obvious whether or not you actually have good intentions or whether you’re just scared of being alone.

Again, it’s the same with cold leads. Plenty of them will never have found a solution to their problem, so when you start a conversation to reconnect, many will appreciate it. After all, it’s nice to be wanted and thought about.

However, just like people recognize the ruse of cheap gifts and last-ditch efforts, they recognize when sales reps use similar tactics in selling. So make and use a clear engagement plan (see what we did there?) and follow the lead of your cold prospects with how they want to proceed.

There Shouldn’t Be Just One Day That You Show People You Care About Them

Valentine’s Day is just one of many days that you should show your love for people. Using February 14 as an excuse to reconnect can work, but the gestures of caring shouldn’t stop once the clock strikes midnight.

You can’t contact all your cold leads on one day and think it’s going to be enough. For one, you probably have way too many cold leads to make your communication effective. Second, you also must prove to leads over and over again that you have the best solution for them. When you build trust and show the value of what you have to offer, people respond. They choose you.

Outreach that will make cold leads go all heart eyes

In both romance and business, people respond to people. They want to care and be cared for. So be more like people and reach cold leads in the most caring way: through texting like a human.

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