When your sales team uses texting to reach out to leads, there’s no worrying about cold leads or getting ignored. Texting keeps hot prospects hot, and here’s why.

Faster Outreach

You start conversations faster because you’re starting them immediately. By automating the first message that goes out, no prospect gets neglected or forgotten. And when 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to them first, this immediate outreach is crucial.

Personal Connections

Personalization leads to 30% higher close rates! And texting with a long code number gives you the best chance of personalizing your messages. Especially once you start getting to know each lead, you can pull in information specific to each person. Plus, there’s no method of outreach more personal than conversational texting.

Happier Prospects

90% of prospects would rather be texted than called on the phone. So why even bother trying to contact them in another way? When you communicate with leads how they prefer, they’re more likely to respond and engage. And people who respond and engage are more likely to buy.

Even More Interactions

When only a quarter of leads are ready to make a purchasing decision, you must be ready to nurture relationships. Texting is the easiest way to continue following up and showing people that you care about solving their problems.

Increased Conversions

“Yes” answers are almost 300% higher with text in comparison to phone calls. With all the conversations you can start and continue at once it’s no wonder texting is so effective for sales.

Ready to get your sales team using texting?

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