Every business wants to keep the personal touch. Because even if they don’t really need to build a personal relationship with their customers, the engaging in an individualized manner helps people feel valued and like they’re being taken care of.

That’s why personalization will always be one of the key elements of business texting. This includes personalizing messages to both leads and current customers or clients. After all, once you create a standard of personalization in getting a lead to convert, you need to uphold and continue that standard.

Wondering why you should spend the time personalizing business text messages? These three stats help us understand how personalization affects people’s buying decisions.

Personalization Dictates Action

When nearly 80% of people say they’ll only do something about an offer if it essentially shows a business listened to them, you can’t afford to not personalize your messages. Because if that’s what consumers want OFFERS to look like, what do you think are the chances of engagement on any other type of outreach?

All customer engagement should be personalized, even if you aren’t coming to someone with an offer. Perhaps especially when you aren’t coming to someone with an offer.

Personalizing messages isn’t a complicated process either. Use information from your CRM and other notes team members have made to follow up with leads and customers. Show people you care about making their experience a good one and make personalization the norm!

People Want Better Experiences

57 percent of consumers are willing to share their personal information if that gives them personalized offers.

Personalization matters so much that almost 60% of people will share their personal information if that means receiving personalized offers! Quite a few people willingly exchange personal information to get a better experience. So responsibly use people’s info to do just that.

The keyword being responsibly. People will appreciate your business even more if you don’t, for example, sell their information.

How can you use personal information in messages even when they don’t include offers? It’s a simple matter of follow-up. So reach out about previous conversations or interactions.

If someone gave you information about their goals or shared with you things they’d like for your business to do or provide, initiate conversations about those topics. Reach out for specific feedback on matters you know they care about.

You Close More Sales

Personalization brings 30 percent higher close rates. Personalizing messages has a real impact on revenue.

Gartner found that personalization results in 30% higher close rates. Who wouldn’t love to close 30% more sales?

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Personalization shows you’ve spent time learning about someone. It means you’ve been building a relationship. That gets you rewarded.

People can see you value their patronage when you take the time to personalize your nurturing and sales pitch. Not that they’d use those words, but you get it. Lead nurturing is all about fostering trust and there’s no better way to do that than through outreach that’s actually personalized.

So you can’t just try to sell to people what you want to sell them. There’s nothing personal about that. Meet leads where they are and bring them along on the nurturing journey.

If after listening to their pain points you know that your business has something for them that they either explicitly don’t want or don’t know that you offer, then you personalize your nurturing and pitch to speak to them in a way that they’re more likely to understand.

So, do you feel different about personalizing business text messages now? Hopefully you see the impact it can make when you take the time to customize your outreach. And fortunately, with features like Custom Fields, the personalization process doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult.