conversational texting

Have you ever wondered what conversational texting is all about and why businesses choose this kind of texting?

In this blog post, we delve into texting and explore:

  • what conversational texting is
  • the benefits of using conversational texting for business communication
  • why conversational texting matters to sales and marketing teams

Conversational Texting vs Traditional Business Texting

Conversational texting is similar to having a conversation in person. It involves back-and-forth communication. The focus is on building and sustaining a conversation over time. It essentially bridges the gap between virtual and face-to-face conversations.

On the other hand, traditional business texting consists of short messages, one-way announcements, or simple exchanges of information without ongoing interaction.

The main difference between the two is that conversational texting is interactive and engaging. It requires active participation from the sender and recipient, fostering long-term relationships. Traditional business texting feels more isolated, passive, and one-sided, serving specific purposes without ongoing interaction.

Elements of Conversational Texting

Conversational texting requires:

Personalization: Conversational texting is for personal interactions. In addition to using the recipient’s name, you reference information like the customer’s favorite product, most recent purchase, demographics, etc. 

Contextual Understanding: In conversational texting, understanding and acknowledging the context of the conversation is crucial. Remember previous interactions, reference past messages, and provide relevant information to show your investment in the conversation.

Natural Language: Instead of using formal or robotic language and jargon, conversational texting is more casual and human-like. Use contractions, emojis, and informal expressions (of course, how informal or formal you are depends on your business) to mirror how you communicate in everyday conversations. Text your leads and customers just like you‘d text a friend. This makes the communication more relatable and comfortable.

Quick Responses: Conversational texting requires quick responses. Unlike traditional texting, where delayed replies are common, this method of texting relies on timely replies to keep the interaction engaging. To help you respond quickly, use automation to keep conversations going. 

Benefits of Conversational Texting

Conversational texting offers several benefits for businesses, including:

Enhanced Customer Experience: Conversational texting lets businesses provide a personalized and efficient customer experience. Businesses using texting in this way address customer questions more effectively, resolve issues quickly, and establish a stronger connection with their audience.

Improved Communication Efficiency: You communicate faster and more concisely with conversational texting. It eliminates the need for lengthy email exchanges or phone calls, allowing you to convey your message quickly and conveniently.

Increased Engagement: Because conversational texting is interactive, your messages get higher replies, clicks, and overall engagement. Incorporate MMS elements such as images or videos to make conversations more visually appealing and dynamic. This helps you capture your recipient’s attention. 

Real-Time Feedback: Conversational texting lets you get feedback immediately from the other person. You quickly see how the  recipient reacts so you can adjust your future messages accordingly. 

Why Does Conversational Texting Matter?

Conversational texting helps businesses build genuine connections, provide personalized experiences, and make communication more efficient. That’s why it’s used in so many areas, like customer support, sales, and marketing. 

It works well because it feels familiar, allowing businesses and customers to communicate smoothly and honestly.

Gain Long-Term Customers

Conversational texting is the key to building meaningful customer relationships. And meaningful customer relationships turn into long-term customers who stay loyal to your brand. 

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