With the strong and somewhat uncertain shift to remote everything, businesses everywhere are quickly adapting and learning how to succeed. Luckily, you have plenty of reasons to connect with customers and tools to make that process run smoothly.

Here are 7 ways you can personally reach out via text to your customers, no matter where anyone is. Don’t stop solidifying your relationships and building trust!

  1. Schedule virtual appointments
  2. Send follow-up texts
  3. Send renewal and reorder reminders
  4. Plan deals and promotions
  5. Ask for feedback
  6. Offer advice and encouragement
  7. Just check in and show appreciation

1. Schedule Virtual Appointments

Texting is the perfect way to set appointments and send reminders. And now is the perfect time to set up a phone call or video chat with people you might otherwise see more regularly.

Text people a link to your calendar and be flexible with your hours. Make it clear that if they need to reschedule they can simply text you. Before the meeting happens, text them instructions for how to join the call or video chat.

2. Send Post-Appointment Texts

Always thank your customers for their time, their business, etc. after a meeting. It might have been a sacrifice to meet with you, but they clearly prioritized it. Don’t let that go unnoticed.

This follow-up text is also an opportunity to review what you talked about. They’ll know that if they need something, they can rely on you.

3. Remind People It’s Time to Renew or Reorder

Many people follow a consistent schedule for ordering specific products. Or if they’re in some sort of contract with you, they generally know when that renews. Depending on your industry, now might not be the time to chase down reorders. But in many cases people will appreciate you reaching out to get them taken care of. This is especially true if your products/solutions make their life easier – at work or at home (which for many people is now the same place).

Texting is the perfect way to get these orders done. Make it clear that you have their normal order or contract ready, but don’t act pushy or expect a super quick response. Let them know that you understand it may not be the right time.

If you sell physical products, give as many options as possible for how they can safely acquire what they need. Maybe that’s personal delivery from you or another employee. Or it’s curbside pick-up. In your texts, clearly outline any options you provide to make their lives easier.

4. Plan Special Deals and Promote Your Solutions

Now isn’t the time for a huge marketing push. But you still need to let people know that you have solutions that could help them while working remote and social distancing.

Personally texting the customers who could benefit most from these solutions should be done carefully. Again, don’t act pushy or expect overly excited responses from everyone. Assuming you know your customer base, you know the people to contact who will appreciate the outreach.

If it’s viable for your company to do, even for a short time, offer products/solutions at reduced prices or give customers extras. Do an announcement text and encourage customers to refer others. Combine your text with email and social media as appropriate.

For a truly personal touch, drop a Ringless Voicemail. Let people hear your voice and your sincerity. Ringless Voicemail allows you to easily connect with many people at one time. Your message will be in their voicemail inbox pretty much instantly and it will have taken you mere minutes to do.

5. Ask for Feedback and Improvements

Now is the time to really focus on internal feedback and fulfilling the needs of your customers. Just don’t assume you already know what all of those needs are. Though you’ve undoubtedly done a lot of research and spent a lot of time talking to your customers, the world is different right now.

Text them to find out what they could really use. There are very likely things you’ve never thought about that you could help customers accomplish. Ask lots of questions and let those text conversations flourish.

6. Offer Advice and Encouragement

We’ve seen these sorts of messages work wonders for our clients in the fitness industry. They’re able to provide entire workout routines, training, nutrition guidelines, etc. to supplement efforts normally happening in the gym. All through texting!

Texting people with advice is especially important if a customer recently left your business with specific instructions. Ask them how it’s going. Provide tips for executing more successfully. Specifically ask if they need help and be ready with different ways to provide it.

7. Simply Check In and Show Appreciation

There’s no ulterior motive here. Just be a good person! Reaching out to customers and telling them you’re thankful for their patronage can be really powerful.

Especially if you normally interact with certain customers on a daily or weekly basis, don’t leave them hanging now. A simple “how are you doing” text will mean a lot.

For businesses that don’t see their customers in person, you still have relationships with long-time customers. Don’t let those relationships be neglected. Text your brand advocates and prove to them that they’ve been making the right decision to trust you all these years.

If you have the resources, even plan a small customer appreciation campaign. Text customers coupons or offers for gifts. Help them see some goodness in a difficult time.

As you think about your customer retention strategy and how to better connect with customers, never ever forget that we’re all humans just trying our best. Remote life and remote work will never change that. When you connect one on one and with true authenticity, everyone wins.

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