How to Increase Lead Appointment Show Rates

You offer great solutions. Your current customers love you. Retention is high. Now, if only you could get leads to show up for their appointments, you could grow your business even more!

When it’s a struggle to bring in new customers and you need to increase appointment show rates, there are 4 straightforward strategies every business can use. No matter your industry or offering, follow these steps, and more people will keep their commitments.

Reach Out to New Leads as Soon as Possible

Getting your name (and potentially your face) in front of someone as soon as possible never hurts. The odds of successfully contacting a lead drop by over 10x in the first hour. So the quicker you reach out, the quicker a conversation starts, the quicker someone books an appointment, and the more likely they are to show up and result in a sale.

When you prioritize talking with them and booking something, that helps people feel valued and usually gives them more incentive to keep their commitments. This is also partly because you’ve quickly begun a relationship in which you show them your dedication to fulfilling their needs and solving their problems.

The fastest way to reach out? Texting, of course. So make sure that when you’re gathering information from leads, you get their mobile phone number! (And get permission to text them)

Send a Series of Text Reminders

When someone does schedule an appointment, don’t send a single confirmation email and consider that enough. Even a single text confirmation won’t be enough. You need to follow up a few times and make it clear that you want to keep them accountable. Show those leads that you care and are excited to talk with them! Of course, how many reminders you send depends on how far out the appointment is.

At the very least, we recommend an immediate confirmation text, a text reminder the day before, and a final text reminder an hour or so before. That way, even if someone is going to be running late or needs to cancel at the last minute, they will have a perfect opportunity to let you know. And then the rescheduling conversation can begin a lot sooner.

Here at Skipio, we’ve seen many businesses increase appointment show rates by sending simple text reminders, especially when the sender personalizes the messages and creates a more human experience. Our integrations, calendar feature, and appointment and event reminders automate and simplify the reminder process.

Get Personal in Your Messages

If someone is a new lead, you won’t really have that much information about them yet. So, of course, use their first name when you text them and try to incorporate other relevant details.

But the easiest way to help people get to know you and remember you? Send photos and videos of yourself.

When prepping for an in-person meeting, sending a photo could help the prospect to know who to look for. Even if you’ll just be talking over the phone, knowing exactly who is on the other end of the phone helps humanize the business and you as a sales rep.

Even a fake, silly “guilt trip” could work. I was in a conversation with a fitness client once, and they said that in their consultation reminder messages, they sent a picture of their dog and said, “For every person that shows up to the gym for class, our dog gets a treat.” That message got more responses (because of the cute dog), and more people showed up to classes!

Answer Questions Specifically

Yes, certain questions are easier to address in a conversation over the phone or in person. But don’t try to dodge questions or steer the conversation in a weird way just because you don’t want to talk about something until the actual appointment.

If you act too evasive about price, for instance, that’s going to be a big red flag that you’re too expensive, have hidden fees, etc. Even if that’s not the case, that’s how it will often sound. If you really don’t want to share your pricing via text, you can always provide a range and then explain that packages are customized according to customer needs. (This had better be true, though.)

Still Not Seeing Show Rates Increase?

If you’re already doing these sorts of things and still not seeing the results you want, then it’s time to examine the specific timing and content of messages as well as your call to action and the offer that gets people to make an appointment in the first place. 

A weak lead generation strategy affects how you optimize your lead nurturing. The better quality leads you have, the easier it will be to get them to make appointments, and the more likely it is that those people will actually show up.

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