From the very first time you get in contact with someone to the moment you close the deal, they should never question the reputation of the company you work for. You never want to trade the credibility you’ve helped build for a quick sale. And when you optimize your lead nurturing, you don’t have to worry about this.

So as you create a process for outreach, follow-up, and conversion, start forming these lead nurturing habits to convert more leads and increase your credibility.

Unify Your Voice and Messaging

A company’s lead nurturing is ultimately how they convert more leads into customers, so that nurturing needs to be consistent.

Making sure your texts are branded with the right voice and messaging helps teams put up the best united front. That way no matter who a lead ends up interacting with, they’ll always have a great experience.

Part of this is making sure all sales reps or SDRs use the same method of communication with similar messaging. So even if everyone on your team is texting but doing so on their personal phones with personal numbers, your business can easily lose entire conversations and whole address books. That certainly does nothing for unification.

When everyone is communicating with the same method on the same platform, they can, for example, be given prewritten templates that are easily customizable. That way the whole team stays on the same page but still gets to inject their own personality into their messages.

Follow Up Immediately

The best businesses always prioritize quick follow-up. It’s perhaps the simplest way to show people that you want to help them. It’s also probably the most important action to start with when you want to convert more leads.

Because the majority of people will choose the business that responds to their inquiry first, you don’t want to leave people waiting. You must have a specific process for keeping leads engaged. You’re then more likely to get them to become a customer and then keep them as a customer for longer.

Do everything you can to respond to new leads as quickly as possible. That might mean relying on an automated message outside of business hours. But you can still write it in a way that’s personalized and on brand.

After all, what business doesn’t want to see reviews full of comments about quick follow-up and efficient service?

Show Off Real Personality

The most personal brands are the ones that succeed and stand out. They’re the ones that people will keep coming back to and recommending to others.

So just because your team wants unified messaging built around the company’s brand doesn’t mean squashing out what makes teams great. And that’s the individuals, like you.

Leads should know that a real person is on the other end, even if you’re automating some messages. This is a huge part of building real relationships that result in sales.

So use your favorite emojis and make sure it’s a priority that you respond in real time. Include photos or videos of yourself if it works in the moment.

People love when businesses treat them like real people. So, don’t let yourself rely too heavily on automations. Keep a human in the loop!

Go Beyond First Name Personalization

We’ll say it again: The most personal brands are the ones that ultimately win. Any and all lead nurturing should prioritize the personal touch.

So pull in as much information as possible when you send lead nurturing messages. You want to make every single one completely personal even if you’re messaging multiple people at once.

This may be difficult at first as you likely only have someone’s basic contact info. But that’s why throughout the nurturing process you need to be having real conversations with people.

As you do so, you’ll learn how to best meet their needs and therefore learn what you’ll need to do to close the sale. The information you learn can then be shared with your customer support team so everyone can continue give them the best experience.

Want to save time on all this and more?

When you use Skipio for lead nurturing, you never have to worry about slow follow-up or impersonal messages. For businesses that really want to transform their lead nurturing, this is the best platform.

Skipio handles all outreach, scheduling, and reminders for new leads that you generate. No one slips through the cracks and you get more appointments with better qualified leads who already feel they have a personal relationship with the business before they even meet with you. How does that sound for improved credibility?

That leaves individuals and teams ready to dedicate all their time to closing more deals and retaining current customers. It’s all about giving you more time and money to continue growing the business.