Increase Your Speed to Lead with Automated Lead Follow-up

The faster you connect with a qualified lead, the higher your chances of converting them into a paying customer. This concept is known as “speed to lead,” and it should play an important role in your business. 

Speed to lead is the time it takes for your business to reach out to leads after they show interest, submit a form, request a demo, etc. Research shows that there’s a significant drop-off in conversion rates the longer it takes to follow up on a lead. In fact, some studies show that following up within five minutes can increase your conversions by up to nine times!

But let’s face it: manually following up with every single lead is time-consuming and inefficient. Especially for businesses with a high volume of leads, manual outreach may not even be possible. This is where an automated lead outreach and follow-up solution is a game changer. 

Why Responding to Leads Quickly Matters

Quick Responders Win Sales

Automated lead follow-up wins sale

People shop around and compare your business to similar businesses before purchasing. Often, the deciding factor for potential customers is how quickly a company responds. Research shows that, on average, 50% of sales go to the business that responds first. To close more deals, you need to respond quickly and before your competitors do. 

Research shows that 50% of sales go to the business that responds first.  

Increase Your Speed to Lead with Automated Lead Follow-up

Automating your lead follow-up allows you to do just that — communicate with leads in minutes instead of hours or even days. Don’t miss out on leads by replying slower than your competitors. 

People Expect Quick Responses

Poor communication kills customer relationships before they even start. Thanks to social media, people are used to and expect communication to be quick. This includes responses from businesses. As mentioned, most people choose the business that responds first, regardless of the quality of service/products they provide. 

A Salesforce study says that 71% of customers expect companies to communicate with them in real-time. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to automate your communication. That way, you always talk to leads and customers immediately, in real-time. 

Builds Your Business’ Reputation

The timing of your responses changes leads’ and customers’ perceptions of your business. Imagine reaching out to a company for information or support and waiting days for a response. You’d probably be a little annoyed. 

In the eyes of leads, there’s a significant difference to receiving an answer after a few minutes, hours, or even a week. Late responses frustrate people, and they lose confidence in your business. 

With automated lead follow-up, you don’t have to worry about replying slowly or late again. You immediately establish trust, which positively affects your business’ reputation. 

Skipio Helps You Respond Faster to Leads

The best way to automate lead outreach and follow-up is to use Skipio. Skipio keeps conversations and deals moving with automated text drip campaigns. Any time someone fills out a form on your site, Skipio lets you immediately send personalized messages to every lead. 

Skipio’s automations handle the busywork of consistent follow-up, so you can practically get rid of manual outreach for good. You spend less time reaching out and still close more deals. 

The best part is that you stay available to leads and customers 24/7. With web chat, call forwarding, and Away Mode, your lines of communication are always open, letting you build connections that result in great reviews and a strong reputation. 

Improve Your Speed to Lead 

Ready to lose fewer leads and save time? Create your Skipio account and enjoy the benefits of automated lead engagement and follow-up!