Lead nurturing that converts both starts and ends with commitment. Everyone involved must dedicate everything to potential customers.

If your team hasn’t fully committed to lead nurturing before, it could be scary to try a new thing. And it’s certainly hard to implement new systems. But that doesn’t mean new things aren’t worth doing. Especially when it comes to connecting with leads.

So let’s talk about what holds teams back from executing lead nurturing that converts and go over how it can be changed.

They Think Email Works Well Enough

Too many businesses willingly settle for email marketing and nurturing leads through email because it’s easy. But why would you continue using a method of outreach that isn’t proven to be as effective as another?

Because in basically all cases reaching out via text will be more effective.

People ignore emails constantly. (I know I do it, and you probably do too.) But we all see texts, and we often reply to them. Overall, almost 78% of consumers want to be texting with businesses.

Think about it: Would you really want to be reminded about an appointment via email? There’s a good chance you’ll miss that message. But it’s a lot less likely you’ll miss a reminder text from the person you’re supposed to get on a call with or meet with in person.

Yes, marketing automation done through email can be a very effective component of outreach, but if email is your primary method of reaching leads, you’re missing out on immense opportunities to connect with people more consistently on a more personal level.

The Business Doesn’t Have a Unified System

It can be a huge undertaking to get everyone doing a similar lead nurturing process. But individuals and teams should not simply be allowed to do whatever they want to nurture leads. In theory that sounds like you’re playing to people’s strengths, but instead it results in confusion and lost opportunities.

Even when businesses have all people texting leads, for instance, that doesn’t make it unified.

You don’t want employees using their own personal phones to text people. That’s a recipe for losing conversations and losing important contacts if an employee leaves. And contact information may not be properly secure just stored in a phone.

Platforms like Skipio make sure the business keeps conversations and contacts when team members leave.

And though adding on a new system or software might not be the thing you want to do, texting can help you become less reliant on your email system. Who doesn’t want that?!

No One Takes the Time to Fine Tune Outreach and Follow-Up

Too many businesses also willingly let prospects make decisions without being properly educated. But why wouldn’t you want to give your business the best possible chance to get a customer and keep them around for the longest time possible? Lead nurturing directly correlates to growing your customer base and generating more revenue.

Teams should constantly look for ways to improve the nurturing process, no matter the methods of outreach used. That includes updating what messages actually say, creating new content to add value, varying message cadence, and exploring new opportunities to reach out.

Again, doing what seems to work well enough is not efficient or profitable. There are so many ways to optimize your lead nurturing process. You can’t afford to not examine every step of your process periodically.

Skipio helps solve these problems

When you want to free up your time and still know your leads are always being contacted, there’s Skipio.

Set up your account to immediately reach out and start conversations and watch as it delivers you more appointments with better qualified leads. You can make sure no one ever goes un-contacted and earn back your time.