The Skipio Resource Center provides users everything they need to learn Skipio and become an expert at lead nurturing, follow-up, customer engagement, retention, and reactivation.

Now users can keep learning even when away from the computer: The Resource Center is now available on Skipio’s companion app (for both Android and iOS).

How You Can Use the Mobile Skipio Resource Center

Overall, the Resource Center helps you build stronger relationships and grow your business. Here are four specific things you can do with the Resource Center on mobile.

  1. View prewritten message templates to get help writing your own messages.
  2. Follow and watch tutorials to learn Skipio’s features — includes tutorials for both desktop and mobile apps.
  3. Learn how to use texting for lead nurturing, customer engagement, and retention. We’re regularly posting articles that help you utilize texting in all aspects of your business.
  4. Favorite articles for future reading and use.

Bonus app updates

The Resource Center is the biggest addition to this latest update, but both companion apps now more closely mirror the desktop version of Skipio. This consistency should help make the mobile experience even easier. Here are a few other changes to look out for that our team is really excited about:

– When looking at a contact, there are clear tabs for sending messages in the ongoing conversation thread where you can send unlimited 1-on-1 messages, updating contact info, and viewing any scheduled messages.

– In the Info tab of a contact, there are obvious buttons for calling the contact or adding them to a campaign or group. Managing and organizing contacts is so fast and simple.

– Selecting one or more contacts will bring up a panel with four clear actions: Message, Campaign, Group, and Delete. This makes it so easy to text selected contacts or add them all at once to a group or campaign.

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