Skipio looks different today than it did yesterday (hello bright, bold, beautiful colors). But our goal and purpose hasn’t changed. We help individuals and businesses start more conversations and close more sales.

So get excited for the new Skipio, not just for you as an individual, but for your whole team.

With this brand new configuration of features, your sales team is set up for more responses, more appointments, and more sales. It’s the engagement and messaging solution you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s Why Sales Managers Love Skipio

“Conversational messaging” isn’t just a buzzword. Genuine engagement isn’t just a pipe dream. Not when your sales reps and account executives use Skipio.

More responses

Teams that use Skipio get more responses every single day because they reach out immediately in a personal, convenient way with messages that invite conversation. Each person uses a unique 10-digit number with a local area code.

They customize and tried-and-true messages, messages shared directly to their individual accounts from their manager. With every lead enjoying the same great messages and experience, responses pour in and brand loyalty grows.

More appointments

All those conversations then quickly turn into appointment-setting opportunities. Who would have guessed that having conversations with someone makes them more likely to want to keep talking to you?

By relying on Skipio for outreach and follow-up, teams see, on average, a 112% increase in appointments set. That engagement, plus Skipio’s automated reminders, then results in boosted show rates and reschedule rates if someone cancels.

More sales

So those reps have had some great conversations, met with a lot of people, kept up relationships… It’s only logical that they’re going to convert more leads. What you consider a “conversion” might be different from other companies, and that’s fine. You do you. Just know that teams using Skipio see a 54% increase in close rates.

And a clear dashboard for transparent tracking

The admin dashboard within Skipio gives team managers the engagement and messaging KPIs that matter. They quickly see how many contacts each rep has in their address book and can change assignments with the click of a button. They know how fast reps are responding and which conversations need a boost.

With that context, managers set individual and team goals, creating the kind of competition that many sales professionals thrive on. All that data also means they know exactly what to train on and how to help their team succeed.

And perhaps best of all, contacts and conversations always stay with the company. It’s all in Skipio, so nothing leaves on an employee’s personal phone when they move on.

Ready to Try Skipio for Your Team?

Whether you have a team of two or 12, Skipio helps your communication thrive and grow. Get a custom quote and learn exactly how the platform can be applied to your needs.