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7 Types of Lead Nurturing Messages That Your Business Needs to Send

According a study by Marketing Sherpa, 79% of leads never convert, and that’s because of [...]

What’s Your Business Texting Style?

Maybe you want to hone the tone your business uses. Or you simply want to try something [...]

3 Stats That Prove You Should Be Texting When Nurturing Leads

An ignored phone call. A forgotten email. A never-listened-to voicemail. We all experience these communication [...]

The Search for New Car Insurance: How to Not Nurture a Lead

Not too long ago, I was in the market for new car insurance. I hoped [...]

How to Use Text Messaging to Increase Customer Accountability

Running a successful business relies so heavily on accountability. Without someone checking in or offering [...]

Say Hello to a Better Address Book With Contact Capture Forms

When is the last time you cleaned up the contact list on your personal phone? [...]

How Automated Texting Transforms Event Planning

Event planning and running an event can seriously run your entire life, but it doesn’t [...]

How 1 Email Lost a Car Dealership an Otherwise Guaranteed Sale

I have a weird obsession with Subarus. But due to the size of my family, [...]

Why We Invest in Human-in-the-Loop Automations

Last week we introduced SMART Automations. This week we dive further into why we believe in [...]

How to Use Texting to Help Forgetfulness — Yours and Other People’s

We all forget things. It’s part of life. Though habitual forgetfulness leads to lack of [...]

Take Note and Personalize Every Text

If you want to text your customers, you must keep it personal. What’s the point [...]

Automate Your Customer Appreciation and Still Keep It Personal

Of course you want to give your customers as much attention as possible, start real [...]

Do You Believe in Love at First Text? How to Build a Business Relationship Through Text

Chances are your customers probably don’t. And rightfully so. But when you thoughtfully engage in conversations [...]

Show Yourself Some Love and Re-Evaluate Your Goals

So how’s your year been so far? You’ve stuck with all of your resolutions I’m sure. Or [...]

Use Ringless Voicemail, Make Better Connections

Engaging with people on their phones is about more than texting. But it’s not about [...]