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The Best Communication Tools for Fitness Professionals

Fit Body Boot Camp gym owner Brian Kalakay’s ambitious goal of helping Michigan collectively lose [...]

How to Build a Text Promotion for Your Gym That Drives Sales

It wasn’t luck that got Evolve Fitness owner Blake Robinson $12,000 — with one text — in [...]

How Much Can You Increase Monthly Sales With Business Texting?

With Skipio you reach more of your sales-ready leads, which helps you increase monthly sales, [...]

Reconnect With Past Customers Painlessly

There is a myth that if you provide amazing service, it’s the only thing customers [...]

100+ Texting Stats That Prove It’s the Future of Business Communication

The future of business communication, specifically business-to-customer communication, is texting. It’s on the rise with [...]

The Complete Customer Retention Strategy for All SMBs

Why is creating a customer retention strategy so important? Studies show that it is 5 to [...]

Top 3 Reasons Customers Leave Businesses

An air-tight customer retention strategy is just the secret sauce you need to increase your [...]

How to Build Effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns for Your Gym

An effective lead nurturing strategy can make a world of difference. Studies show that 50% [...]

How Biscuits and Gravy Taught Me About Unforgettable Connections

A couple months back I met a colleague over Saturday breakfast at one of those [...]

3 Tips to Guarantee Your Communication Will Never Be Marked as Spam

What exactly is spam? Besides Hormel’s famous tin of spiced ham, of course. Let’s start [...]

Why Can’t I Get Any Customers to Read My Message?

Rate yourself: On a scale of 1–10, how effective is your communication with your customers? If [...]

Tyler Garns on Using Marketing Automation to Stay Customer-Focused

We sat down with Tyler Garns, Founder and CEO of Box Out Marketing, to discuss how [...]

3 Solutions to the Most Common Customer Retention Challenges

Bamboo plants have the potential to grow exponentially in a short amount of time once [...]

The Golden Hour for Selling Gets You the Perfect Customers

Every customer is the perfect customer, but they may not be the perfect customer right [...]

10 Ways to Capture Leads by Text

As a company, you can never generate too many leads. It doesn’t matter if you’re [...]