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3 Reasons Your Business Struggles With Successful Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing that converts both starts and ends with commitment. Everyone involved must dedicate everything [...]

4 Lead Nurturing Habits to Convert More Leads and Increase Credibility

From the very first time you get in contact with someone to the moment you [...]

How to Foster Workplace Gratitude All Year Round

Every year around this time, we all hear about the many benefits of gratitude. From an [...]

A Smarter, Faster, Better Skipio Companion Mobile App

Skipio’s companion mobile app has always helped individuals and teams connect with leads and customers and scale [...]

Skipio Wins 2019 Comparably Awards for Happiest Employees and Best Work-Life Balance

We’re thrilled to share our latest Comparably awards for Happiest Employees and Best Work-Life Balance. [...]

4 Simple Steps for Handling Negative Customer Feedback

Yes, it’s scary to ask for feedback. And yes, it’s perhaps even scarier when that [...]

3 Stats That Point to the Importance of Personalizing Business Text Messages

Every business wants to keep the personal touch. Because even if they don’t really need [...]

When Do Customers Actually Want to Receive Reminders From a Business?

A well-timed reminder absolutely transforms your relationship with clients, customers, and even team members, so [...]

8 Business Texts to Avoid Sending

The vast majority of people want to receive texts from businesses and communicate with businesses [...]

Create Brand Advocates Out of Regular Customers

When you want to create brand advocates, it starts simply with providing positive customer experiences [...]

Business Review Stats You Need to Know Before Requesting Reviews

We love open dialogue and feedback that starts conversations. That’s why we love online reviews. [...]

Forget Read Rates: Business Texting Stats That Actually Matter

Most businesses hope and pray that recipients will open their emails. And for all that [...]

What Rock Climbing Teaches Me About Follow-Up Communication

I love rock climbing. I spend hours in the gym every week and in the [...]

Increase Customer Lifetime Value With Business Texting

When you cultivate strong relationships with customers and foster strong brand loyalty, all while providing [...]

7 Features a Business Texting Platform Must Have

You want to equip yourself, your team, and your clients with all the tools necessary [...]